Are you interested in learning more about Christ, the Christian faith, or the Bible? We have a number of free resources available in our foyer to help you in your studies, including gospel tracts and an assortment of pamphlets from Rose Publishing.

Rose Publishing Pamphlets

The Rose Publishing pamphlets are an excellent resources for supporting your study of the Bible. The pamphlets provide clear and concise information on a variety of topics, with titles such as Essential Doctrine Made Easy, Bible Overview, Then & Now Bible Maps, and Who I am in Christ. Their colorful designs and attractive layouts make them pleasure to read and to share. Pamphlets are located in the foyer. The selection changes over time, so be sure to check each week for new material.

Gospel Tracts

Gospel tracts are an excellent source for summarizing and explaining some of the most important and fundamental principles of the Gospel. Whether learning for yourself or looking to share with others, gospel tracts can help. Tracts are located in the gospel. Please feel free to take extra to share.


Looking for a book to read for fun or to accompany your study of the Bible? Please stop by our library to see if we have something you might need. Books are free to check out. The library is located at the back of the fellowship all.