Picture of Pastor Mark and his wife Rachel.
Mark and Rachel
Picture of Rachel cradling their baby Joseph and Mark holding his three-year-old son Daniel.
The Anderson Family

Mark Anderson

Mark and Rachel Anderson joined Lucerne Community Church in 2014 when they moved to Lake County to be public school teachers. Though Rachel began working full-time at home caring for the family after the birth of their first son, Mark has continued his career in education. 

Mark began his journey of faith in 2003, shortly after being stationed at Camp Pendleton while in the Marine Corps. He describes his coming to faith as a slow, painful process of sin, hard-heartedness, divorce, and rock-bottom-ness: “Sometimes it feels like I was dragged kicking and screaming into the Kingdom of God to be transformed and renewed by Jesus Christ, though I know that I came begging and pleading.” In 2011, Mark was brought to repentance and was baptized.

Since then, Mark has been devoted to learning more about Jesus, biblical studies, and the scriptures and serving the church where he can.

At Lucerne Community Church, Mark and Rachel have both served in a variety of roles. Mark has served our church as a singer, guitarist, worship leader, technology and social media coordinator, elder, and Sunday school teacher. He also filled in at the pulpit when the need arose. Rachel has served as singer, pianist, worship leader, and liaison to both The Center for Life Choices and Operation Christmas Child.


Message from the Pastor

Thank you for visiting our website, and if you haven’t joined us on a Sunday, I hope you do. I have been a member of Lucerne Community Church since 2014, when my wife and I first moved to Lucerne. This was the first church we visited. That was all it took. We knew instantly that we had found the church home where God wanted us. The love for the Lord and the love for one another was immediately evident.

I truly hope that if you take the time to visit and get to know us, you will feel the same way. And if not with us, then I hope with another body of believers in the area. I would rather you worship somewhere else than to not worship at all. And if you need help finding a different church, let me know. I would love to work with you to find the church home where your faith flourishes.

Lucerne Community Church is not a large group of believers. But, I like to think: “we might be few, but we are mighty.” While I pray that our church might grow, my priorities and focus are elsewhere. First, I desire to see our congregation growing spiritually–in knowledge, love, faith, and service. Second, I desire to see our church be of value and a resource for the community of Lucerne.

My vision is that our congregation becomes known in Lucerne as people who are of GOD about LOVE with COMPASSION in UNITY to MAKE A DIFFERENCE for the COMMUNITY.

This vision cannot happen overnight. It requires a long-term commitment to build trust, be involved, and be strategic. Being strategic means looking honestly at the resources the Lord has provided us here and then finding out how we can be most impactful and helpful to our community in a sustainable way. It means becoming really good at doing one thing before trying to tackle a second. It means consistent and reliable–not “on again, off again” or “here today, gone tomorrow.”

Of course, central to this vision is our faith. We must be people who seek to honor and obey God first and others second. Our service must be born out of a desire to love our neighbors because of the great love that God has already shown us.

But whether you are just checking out the Christian faith, new to the faith, or a long-time follower, I believe you can find a home here. I hope you visit.

May God bless each step of your journey.

Pastor Mark