Supporting the ministry of the church comes in a variety of forms. Below are three primary ways that you can help support Lucerne Community Church and our mission to share the Good News with our community.

Pray for the Community and the Church

Prayer Support

The greatest way to support the ministry of Lucerne Community Church is through prayer. Everything we do is completely dependent on God’s providence for success. Without Him as our focus, we run in vain. While we hope that you can donate your time and money to support the church, we ask that you first be in regular prayer for the ministry. 

Here are some suggestions of things that you can pray for:

  • the spiritual and physical well-being of our members.
  • wisdom and strength in our leaders.
  • unity and love among the congregation.
  • a deep passion to share Jesus with others.
  • God to soften the hearts of those who have not heard the message of Christ yet.
  • our church to be salt and light to the community around us.

Volunteer in a Ministry

Volunteering Support

Another great way to support the mission of Lucerne Community Church is to volunteer in a ministry. Without the dedication and support of volunteers, our ministries would struggle greatly. The power of God is most clearly seen through the loving service of His people. And the more people who help to serve, the more we are able to reach our community.

Sometimes, we feel that we do not have much to offer. But God gifts each of us with talents and skills that can be used to build up the church and the community. It does not matter how big or small the act of service might be. All that matters is that it is done for others to the glory of God. 

If you are interested in volunteering, please take a look at our current ministries on the Connect page.

Donate to Help Cover Expenses

Donating Support

Donating money to the church is also a great way to support the work of the ministry. When you give to the church, you help to support the pastor, maintain the facilities, provide for those in need, and spread the Good News to our community. 

Whether you can give a lot or a little isn’t important. When it comes to giving, the most important thing is your heart in the matter. 

  • First, we must recognize that our giving is to God and is an act of our faith in and worship of Him.
  • Second, we are called to give generously of what we are able.
  • Third, we are called to give cheerfully. 

That last point is perhaps the most challenging and critical. If your giving is coming from a place of obligation rather than love or from a place of fear rather than joy, then we would encourage you to seek God in prayer and scripture before deciding to give. 

Donations can be made

  • in person every Sunday during the offering portion of the service or
  • by mailing a check made out to Lucerne Community Church to PO Box 144, Lucerne, CA 95458.

We are not currently setup to receive donations online; however, we are looking into it, as we know there are some who appreciate this method as well.

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