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We are happy to be able to make our recent sermons available online and hope you find these messages inspiring and uplifting. Listen now on our website or through your favorite podcasting app. Share Now to help spread the word to others by sharing on Facebook.

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Reasons to Rejoice

Reasons to Rejoice

If you were faced with religious rejection, your own friends abandoning you, and your government bringing it's long arm against you, how would you respond?

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Lucerne Community Church uses the PodPoint podcasting service to host our ten most recent sermons. New sermons are available by Wednesday following the service. If you want to listen to earlier sermons, they are available on CD at the church.

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Along with listening to our sermons online here, you can also find them on our PodPoint Page. And thanks to our podcast service, our sermons are available through iTunes. That means that you can use your favorite podcast app to download and listen to our sermons on your phone or tablet when it most convenient for you. Subscribe on iTunes today.

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If you are new to Lucerne Community Church or just recently heard of us, you can find out more about us here on our website. We are a small community church with a big passion for God. As a community church, our goal is to promote unity among believers and help everyone learn more about salvation through Jesus Christ and about the Bible. At the bottom of the page are links to help you learn and discover more about our church. We hope you will take the opportunity to explore more about our church. And if you are in the area, we hope you visit us this Sunday.