Planning Your Visit

If this will be your first time visiting Lucerne Community Church, you are in the right spot. We hope this information will help your visit be as comfortable and positive an experience as possible.

Sunday Schedule

Worship Service starts at 11:00 am.

Street view photo of Lucerne Community Church building.

Order of Service

Below is a typical Worship Service order. Occasionally, it will change, but this is the general format you can expect to see.

Welcome & Announcement
Opening Song
Opening Prayer
Praise and Worship Songs
Bible Message
Closing Song
Closing Prayer

Map of Our Facilities

What to Expect on Your First Visit

It can be intimidating for some people to visit a new church. However, our goal is to make everyone who comes through our doors feel welcomed and at home. We are not perfect people and, likewise, don’t expect you to be either. In short, everyone comes with their own hurts and hang-ups, but our hope is to find true peace and healing through God’s grace and mercy and through the comfort and encouragement of our Christian brothers and sisters.

From Pastor Mark: “As I am still new to being a weekly teaching pastor, I don’t yet have a regular pattern or routine to share with you. Instead, I want to share my approach to teaching. As a teacher, I believe everyone can learn–some quickly, some slowly–but everyone can. I also believe that most people who walk into a church are generally intelligent people who want to learn about God and the Bible and not just be moralized at. I want to equip people to be able to read the Bible better. I hope to inspire excitement and joy for studying the Bible. I want us to be honest about where we are and how we are doing as we read God’s words. But above all, I seek to glorify God and point people to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, our righteous and holy King and Savior.”

Whether you enjoy “good ol’ times” hymns or upbeat contemporary praise, you will find it here. We don’t play favorites to one style or the other. Instead, we mix both into our worship. Our only requirement for the songs we sing is that they accurately represent God and biblical teaching. 

Whether you prefer to dress up or dress casual, we want you to be comfortable when you come here. We just ask that everyone in attendance show modesty in their attire out of respect for others. Remember that the time is about worshipping God, so we avoid clothing that distracts from that aim and ask that you do the same.

Currently, we do not have an active youth program. However, this is a project that Pastor Mark and his wife Rachel are working on setting up. For more information, you can use our Contact Us form to reach out to Pastor Mark.