Reasons to Rejoice

Reasons to Rejoice

Sermon on Rejoicing Despite Hardships

As we begin a study of the letter of Paul’s to the church at Philippi, we need to take a look at Paul’s life that provides the backdrop to his mission of proclaiming the gospel to the Gentile world. The persecution Paul experienced would have caused many to give up before finishing the task at hand. The book of Acts will provide the story of Paul’s early persecution of the church and his later proclamation of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.

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Bulletin Message from the Pastor

Rejoice, and Again I Say Rejoice

As we roll into the New Year, we will begin a new sermon series today called “Be Joyful.” The series is from the letter to the Philippians by Paul the apostle. He wrote the letter in approximately 62 A.D. while he was in prison in Rome. It is addressed to the church established at Philippi in the Macedonian region. Along with the book of Philippians, I will be using two main resources of information for the series. The first source is Be Joyful, written by Warren Wiersbe in 1974 and reprinted in 2008. Wiersbe was a prolific writer of Christian materials and theological works. The second primary resource is Ralph E. Martin’s commentary on Philippians in the Tyndale New Testament Commentaries published in 1959 and reprinted in 1983. I encourage you to obtain these two books for a more in depth study of Philippians.

In the introductory comments of his book, Wiersbe writes,

“Philippians is a joyous letter! If you master the truths of Philippians, you should be filled with joy as you live the Christian life!

This little epistle from a Roman prisoner has grown on me over the years. I have preached it and taught it in churches and conferences across the country, and each time I come to it, the message is more real and exciting. My prayer is that it will become real and exciting to you. My prayer is also that you might experience Christ’s joy in your everyday life as you grasp the spiritual principles in Philippians.”

Warren Wiersbe from Be Joyful

I (Dwight) pray I can be an instrument of the Lord to bring the message of joy to you as we study through Philippians.

Pastor Dwight <><