Right Living - How to Live Biblically

Right Living

In this 3rd part of the Maintaining Joy set, we study Paul’s advice to the Philippians that help us to better learn how to live biblically.

Right Thinking - How to Think Biblically

Right Thinking

In this sermon, you will receive some practical advice on how to think biblically in an increasingly unbiblical world.

Right Praying - How to Pray Biblically

Right Praying

Maintaining your joy in the face hardship and opposition is difficult. The first step to doing so is learning how to pray biblically.

Pressing On

Pressing On

Paul is a model of pressing on in faith despite challenges, setbacks, and opposition. But what does that look like for the modern church?

Meant for Joy

Meant for Joy

Sometimes our hardships are meant for joy. In Philippians, we see how Paul’s desire to serve God turned hardships into joy.

Joy of Fellowship

The joy of fellowship is knowing that we are not alone in life’s trials and celebrations. We not only have God, but we have the Church (each other). Rejoice!

Joy Stealers - Maintaining Joy

Joy Stealers

This sermon uses Paul’s teaching to the church at Philippi to encourage us in having the mind of Christ and maintaining joy in hard times.

Reasons to Rejoice

Reasons to Rejoice

If you were faced with religious rejection, your own friends abandoning you, and your government bringing it’s long arm against you, how would you respond?

New Years Resolutions and Principles

Resolutions and Principles

Health, wealth, relationships, and peace are four major categories that most New Year resolutions fall into. We will examine these areas of resolutions in light of the principles in Proverbs 3.