These Have Been Written

These Have Been Written - Witnesses to the Resurrection

Sermon on the Witnesses to the Resurrection

As the purpose verses of John suggests, what is written in this book is there that we might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that our belief may result in our having life in His name (See John 20:30-31). Of all the signs Jesus performed, the supreme sign or miracle is His resurrection from the dead. But Jesus did not leave anything to chance. He left behind eyewitnesses to His life death and resurrection. This sermon will identify a few of these witnesses and what it was they saw and did not see.

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In our last sermon The Sign of Probability, we studied John 19. That chapter recounts the humiliation, torture, and crucifixion of Jesus. Pastor Dwight taught about how the events of Jesus’ death were part of numerous prophecies that Jesus fulfilled. He also emphasized how the odds against so many prophecies being fulfilled in one man were extremely small. All of this serves as helpful evidence to point to Jesus truly being the Christ and the Son of God.

In John 20, the narrative continues with the post-crucifixion events. The disciples were together and unsure what to do since their leader was now dead. Roman guards were posted at the grave of Jesus to ensure that no one tampered with the body. However, it is discovered that the tomb is empty. Then, the disciples are visited by the risen Jesus, becoming witnesses to the resurrection of Christ. Listen as Pastor Dwight examines the significance of the events to both the disciples and to us.

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